About me and this blog

  First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.

My name is Rui Vieira, I am Brazilian and since 1998 have been living in many places in Brazil and Europe, for the last years I live in Amsterdam.

It has been always my dream to go across the world and meet people, their cultures, their food and life style. I have to say that I have been successful on this journey where we never stop learning,  growing and above all getting adapted to different environments.

In the last years I have been in a process of learning how to eat  healthy as we go older we also start caring about it, I know we cannot avoid lagging but we can all influence how we get older and food is very important on this process.

So I started this blog, of course there many blogs out there which talks about food and how to eat better but each of them has a purpose and a style and this one will be on my own style and my tips for all.