Açaí in the Netherlands

Açaí is an important source of food in the Amazon, but was little known outside Brazil until 10 years ago. Since then the people of the Netherlands have come to know this tropical berry quite well and they love it! Healthy eating is one of the dominating trends in the Netherlands and Açaí fits into this context as a new, exotic and powerful berry.

In the Netherlands, Açaí pulp or Açaí puree is promoted and positioned as the new ‘super fruit’. Super fruits are fruits that are considered particularly beneficial for general health.  Açaí is packed with antioxidants. Moreover, Dutch consumers are willing to pay a premium for these products. Interest in exploring new and exotic types of berries has grown in recent years. Other examples of super fruits are pomegranate, acerola and cranberry.
Today the Super fruits are becoming more and more popular and also more accessible to people in the Netherlands. Today you can even order your açaí frozen pulp via online stores to be delivered at your doorsteps! Check for example http://www.acaiamsterdam.nl apart of the açaí pulp they also offer a range of exotics frozen fruit pulps.


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